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Latest Virgin hair extensions trends

Posted by Michelle Hart on

Virgin hair extensions will give you an instant makeover, providing you with long, voluminous hair instantly. Whether curly, straight, short or long, virgin hair extensions will provide silky, smooth and lustrous hair that will turn heads. With hair extensions, you are able to play around with different colours and textures. You can also create any hairstyle from them and there are different qualities to suit everyone’s needs without putting a lot of pressure on your pocket. So, let’s look at the latest black virgin hair extensions trends that will surely turn heads in 2015.

#1: The Asymmetrical Cut Hairstyle

This chic hairstyle is so in right now and very popular among celebrities. It is a hairstyle that is very sophisticates and modern, yet so chic and stylish. A great plus of this hairstyle is that it suits all face shapes and can be worn casually or formally. There are two styles to choose from when it comes to the asymmetrical cut hairstyle; the asymmetrical pixie and the asymmetrical bob.

To create this hairstyle, you will need to make one hair parting in the back and then twice in the front. You will then need to straighten out your Peruvian virgin hair extensions using a ceramic hair straightener and apply a spray for shine and gloss. If you prefer, use a curling iron to create curls one side. Apply hair serum on the other side to smoothen the hair.

#2: The Classy Bob

The bob was made popular back in the day by Marilyn Monroe and it’s still a popular timeless trend to this day, with different variations to it. You can choose to get a short bob or a long bob. It’s one style that is easy to create and needs low maintenance. Simply blow dry your Peruvian virgin hair (long, medium or short) and part it down right in the middle. Next, grab your flat iron and straighten your hair. You may slightly curl it at the tip if you like. Lastly, apply hair gloss for luster and use a hairspray to hold it all in place.

#3: Long Hair with Bangs

This is perhaps one of the most loved hairstyle among celebrities because it is timeless and is very fashionable. It is very edgy and chic and can be worn by women of all ages. Get Virgin Malaysian Hair Extensions and let the hairstylist create forehead bangs.

#4: Tight Curls Hairstyle

To create the perfect curly hair look, buy long, luscious virgin hair with tight curls. Buy the Virgin Brazilian Curly Hair Extensions to get the perfect look. Make a parting in the middle to create a curly bob. This hairstyle has a lot of volume. Let it hang loose and apply sheen spray for some shine.

#5: The Classic Vintage Curls

Virgin Peruvian Hair Extensions are perfect for this look inspired by the 1940s. Make a parting in the middle and brush it away from the face. This is a sophisticated look that is also very stylish and will look good on anyone.

So, there you have it, the latest black virgin hair extensions trends. Get your virgin hair extensions today and look like a goddess!

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